What should be on an author’s business card?

Don’t go without a business card.

Author Business Cards custom designed by Ralph's Design and DeliThe best business cards are the ones that stand out in the fishbowl, and demand attention before being slid into a wallet, but that doesn’t always mean expensive or unconventional.

If you already have one and it’s plain, but it does the job – it’s important that you go to a writer’s conference with SOMEthing to leave behind with the amazing writers, agents, editors and publishers you’re going to meet there.

A writer’s business card should contain AT LEAST:
Author’s real name and pen name
Title(s) of your work. If your WIP doesn’t have a title, it’s ok to give it a working title, or to just provide a synopsis.
How to contact you
Links to your online presence

If you decide to go with something simple, we recommend that you include:

Ralph's Design & Deli designs basic business cards for authorsYour pen name
Contact info
Social media URLs (e.g., @RalphsDesign and fb.com/RalphsDesign)
Website, blog or landing page where you are developing your platform

For those further along, you can include:
The URL for where your book can be purchased
One side match the cover of your book (if you’ve retained the rights).


Here is a sample business card from Zazzle.com. Note that it’s quite unlike the typical business card, but make no mistake: your book is your business.

Ralph's Design & Deli designs business cards custom for creatives

Ralph's Design & Deli designs business cards for authors and creatives







Do you have an author business card and if so what do you recommend a new author to put on their card? Do you have more than one business card, perhaps one for each book?


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